After just losing my dog two months prior, I laid eyes on the most beautiful 5 week old puppies I could’ve imagined in September of 2016 at a local animal rescue. The whole time I couldn’t help but wonder if it was “too soon” until I got the privilege to physically meet her. Veda was the biggest, floppiest little puppy of her litter. This girl was so full of life, just what I was missing at the time. At that moment, I knew she had to be mine. Since then, she continues to capture the eyes and hearts of everyone who meets her, and makes me smile a little more everyday. I truly believe Veda, like all rescue dogs, was sent from above to teach me about life and to teach me about love, and because of her huge influence on my life, not only what I did for her, but also what she has done for me, I look at her as my “Angel baby” in so many ways. Thanks to my endless love for animals, the positive influence of Veda, and many other less fortunate animals, I will continue to strive to better the lives of rescue dogs, hoping one day they all find their “person” and the most loving home to call their own, just as she has. I am beyond blessed to call this smart, beautiful mutt my own, and love to see people land a best friend, just as I did, all the while spewing the saying, “who rescued who?”